B4J – Bugzilla for Java

This is Bugzilla for Java (B4J) – a Java based tool for accessing Bugzilla instances. B4J offers you to write your own reports based on those bug records that you want to incorporate.

New: Version 2.0 is out. It breaks previous API and introduces types for many properties. It also offers an XML-RPC Bugzilla session now.


  • platform-independent code
  • access to Bugzilla and Jira instances on remote servers via HTTP and HTTP proxies
  • password callbacks for maximum security
  • standard report interface
  • Open Source code based on LGPL license

More documentation is available here:

Maven Coordinates



You can download the library from maven.org or as a stand-alone distribution archive. The latest stable version is 2.0.2. Sources are available through maven.org or can be browsed in SVN.

Previous versions:


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14 Responses to “B4J – Bugzilla for Java”

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  5. Deepak Says:

    Dear Mr. Schuster,

    I recently used your B4J library for one of my projects and I was pretty impressed with it. Thanks for all the hard work you have put in and really appreciate your efforts.

    However, I had a small issue while accessing Bugzilla from Linux Kernel (kernel.bugzilla.org). The parser would fail often because of invalid UTF-8 character present in the Bug’s XML . I made a small code change to your code and more specifically HttpBugzillaSession class to first clean the XML and then parse it. I have put the changes here : http://pastebin.com/KFvmX1VJ

    The changes I made is to just strip the XML of all the invalid characters before parsing. Since the bug’s XML is pretty small this can be achieved without much loss of performance. I hope this helps you.

    Thanks and Kind Regards,

  6. Ralph Says:

    Hi Deepak!

    thanks for the improvement. I will integrate it with 1.5.0 version. You can follow its progress here: http://jira.ralph-schuster.eu/browse/BFJ-19



  7. Ralph’s TechBlog » Blog Archive » Multiple Releases Says:

    […] Bugzilla for Java made a major release jump to V2.0.0. The new version introduces a Java API to the REST interface of latest Bugzilla versions, re-structured the Issue interface by introducing component classes for nearly all associated objects (versions, components, users, priorities, resolutions, etc.) and brought back the JIRA session. A complete list of changes is available here. […]

  8. Dude Says:


    I recently looked up this tool and it’s really cool, is it able to search for bugs in date ranges?


  9. Ralph Schuster Says:

    Hello Dude,

    yes. B4J uses the HTTP parameters. So you can configure:


    This works at least for the BugzillaHttpSession. The BugzillaRpcSession shall be tested for it.

  10. Ralph’s TechBlog » Blog Archive » B4J V2.0.1 releaseed Says:

    […] can download the new version here or visit the Homepage of the utility where you will find more […]

  11. Ralph’s TechBlog » Blog Archive » Bugzilla 5 brings REST API Says:

    […] at their documentation. Once Bugzilla 5 is out, I will try to incorporate the new features into B4J. […]

  12. Ammar Says:

    Hi Ralph,

    I was using your api for bugzilla service and I needed to get Bug Activity for a particular bug but I was not able to find an API or object which will do this required tasks.
    I have already tried looking at the api/javadocs.

    Can you please let me know if there is an api/object which will fullfil my requirements.

  13. Ralph Schuster Says:

    Hi Ammar,

    the API doesn’t provide this information yet. So I will need to add it (although, Bugzilla’s clean XML API doesn’t provide this information. Only WebService and HTML pages). I added a feature request for the next B4J release: http://jira.ralph-schuster.eu/browse/BFJ-83

    Nevertheless, you can write your own BugzillaSession implementation if you can’t wait for that. My assumption is that I will not find time for this feature until next year :(



  14. Ammar Says:

    Thanks for a quick reply Ralph. I will check out the possibilities suggested by you. :)

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